My Thoughts On Jagten Part 2

The “presumption of innocence” is one in every of the foremost basic principles of the legal code. It means nobody is convicted until he’s proven guilty by an independent and impartial court. This another time proves his appearance in our movie “Hunt” The importance of. it’s not difficult to foresee that the daddy will disregard any legal principles when his son declares that he has been sexually abused, and understands that he will accept this impulse. However, “The Hunt” is such a movie. If the identical thing happens to you, it’s the power to impress you, taking into consideration the necessity of the presumption of innocence. Its energy comes from ruthless and unquestioned accusations against people you recognize are innocent, and a way of hurtful justice. Sense of justice is one among the strongest emotions. This fact is reflected within the sayings and sayings of the many thinkers. The Latin proverb “Even if the planet collapses, justice must be done”, and therefore the English proverb “Kill the brave, but don’t accept what they deserve.” they are saying that the worth of justice is even more than human life.

The theme of the film hurts the viewer’s sense of justice, provoking doubts, wandering between accusing an innocent person and someone who isn’t accused of guilt. Cicero approaches this issue this way: “It is healthier to risk protecting criminals than to condemn the innocent.” This view is closely associated with the presumption of innocence. At the identical time, it forms the premise of the principle that “the accused benefits from the suspicion (in dubio pro reo)”. Indeed, many other principles of legal code, like the prohibition of torture and also the right to stay silent, are supported these foundations. within the movie, although Lucas is innocent, he’s so accused and folks are so sure that Lucas is guilty, therefore the justice of the audience feels hurt in many ways. during this sense, the film may be seen within the legal code class of the school of law and it can change the public’s perception in an exceedingly sad way.

The selection of the name of the Av movie is incredibly appropriate. At the start of the movie, we saw Lucas hunting deer with a rifle. Take this action without hesitation. within the last scene of the movie, the place returns to the woods, and Lucas and his son are hunting. Lucas’s position allowed him to simply hit the deer, but he didn’t. At now, we witnessed Lucas’ sympathy for the deer. someone who could once shoot a deer without hesitation has become the prey of the community and understands what it means to be prey. you’ll be able to never approach hunting as a hunter without hesitation. At now, the film emphasizes the importance of empathy, that is, hunters only abandon the hunt after they have prey.
within the last scene of the film, within the woods, someone tried to shoot Lucas with a rifle, but he got lost. This scene witnessed Lucas’s unprovoked slander for a year. Although Lucas was proven innocent, the doubts in people’s hearts weren’t erased. Lucas is innocent and proved to be, but the community still has its doubts. This scene may be a manifestation of the principle of “a dirt road”. In Jagten’s last scene, Lucas, who was once a hunter, was rescued by a rifle and now becomes the prey of the community.


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