My Thoughts On In Bruges Movie Part 2

My Thoughts On In Bruges Movie Part 2

Like what Schopenhauer said, or rather, life is created of “pain”, our character Ray tries to endure pain in his own hell by launching a war. the explanation Lei found himself during this situation was that his sense of import and morality had been accidentally violated. Ray, who accidentally killed a toddler, perceived to be during a conscious confrontation. If you’re not assured, even a good looking medieval city like Bruges may be breathtaking. the foremost important characteristic of an individual who cannot win an inner confrontation is insecurity, which can even imply that Ray appears like a toddler in adult clothes. Despite being a killer, Ray, who won the audience’s love and a spotlight, also brought out our distorted moral values. On the opposite hand, what really has to be questioned is Ken’s leisurely demeanor, not the intense moral questioning that Ray faces.

Because the audience focused on Ray throughout the movie, and missed Ken living in paradise on earth. Unlike Ray, Ken is calm, because he doesn’t deviate from his principles, and seems to be a perfectionist, making no mistakes. it’s recognized that there’s an accurate understanding of Hit man; briefly, to kill an adult. This distorted moral structure varies from person to person, and it also produces different voices within the audience. Because once we try and act within the framework of social morality or our personal views, we usually encounter a dilemma, we cannot always choose the “right”. there’s no absolute truth, and other people always choose the reality that’s beneficial to him. Sometimes, once we start to work out that the principles we’ve established are inconsistent, we lose control and realize that we aren’t perfect. the important problem is to just accept our imperfections and pursue them carefree. Ray can’t get eliminate them because he can’t overcome them.

Bruges, the weather is cold and gloomy, the streets are narrow, the aerodynamic layers are stacked, and therefore the buildings are medieval; indeed, the reflection of Ray’s complex status within the objective world, if Ray cannot go against the inner conflict, he doesn’t support Bruges, this is often an objective reflection of the outer world. The absurd presentation of conscientious and moral questioning within the film didn’t take it seriously and failed to destroy the film’s relaxed, interesting and dramatic atmosphere. When the hitman saw another murderer, he visited kill and ready to kill, making him believe that life is sweet. And, in fact, it prevented him from dying due to this. this can be really interesting, it’s worth seeing and questioning.
Overall, it had been successful movie in Bruges, which quickly solved many problems. If you visit the town of Bruges (a beautiful city that everybody should visit) and give some thought to this movie within the future, i think a sweet sad smile will appear on your face.

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