Donnie Brasco Movie Analysis Part 2

In some industries with very difficult conditions and strict command systems, personal integrity is required; this suggests that an individual must have attribute so as to be an honest person. this can be an accepted fact. For writer (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) is one amongst the people that reflect attribute the foremost, attribute has two basic qualities. One is to preserve your existence, and therefore the other is to determine a romantic relationship with another person and feel sorry him. In our most primitive state, people at large are kind and up to other kinsmen, but as conditions change, we’ll deteriorate. in line with Rousseau, if we don’t seem to be corrupted by attacks on our existence or freedom; we must be kind naturally. after we attempt to observe Downey this manner, we distinguish from his behavior: his behavior violated the 2 basic qualities of attribute and got different results, and that we couldn’t examine him correctly this manner.

Therefore, it’d be more logical to appear at Downey with the stream of existentialism, during which attribute is totally rejected. per Sartre’s existentialism, in short, man exists first then man decides his essence or essence. People aren’t inherently good or bad. Over time, Downey became increasingly inclined to pursue criminal work and felt there was freedom between his duties assigned to him by the mob and people assigned to him by the state. After a long time, he was taught the professional ethics and virtues; he began to treat his close friends as lunatics, took him to the swamp and tried to induce him out of his mind and alter his behavior. At this time, Downey began to make a hooligan. Downey’s personality at this stage has not changed in any respect. His behavior has improved, and his communication together with his wife has decreased. He continues to treat her badly. What changed wasn’t Downey’s personality, but his identity. Our identity, the attitude we maintain and show to society, is capable of fixing from time to time in accordance with the norms. within the movie, Joe Peiston’s identity change after taking on Downey’s identity is really an ironic manifestation of Joe’s inner social identity change.

it’s Al Pacino who we want to open a separate paragraph, not Johnny Depp’s performance within the movie. The left-hander, Al Pacino’s role, mainly plays a successful and result-oriented role. he’s an impatient, repelled and underestimated person. He has been within the thug world for several years and has exceeded your expectations The expectation of the award. He. The left-handed’s dim, sad eyes proved that his friend Downey really loved him, but the worst part was that he couldn’t admit to himself his failure and uselessness. He always managed to keep up the atmosphere of the movie. Mentality.

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